Homeless Texas student graduates at top of high school class

One of the most incredible feats to watch is an underdog rise to the challenge, against all odds, and emerge victorious. We all love stories that inspire us to do and be greater, and Liyjon DeSilva's life has been just that kind of story. 

Nothing life threw at DeSilva could keep him down, not even his mother's death, his family's abandoning him, and eventual homelessness for three years during the most crucial time of his life. 

In DeSilva we are seeing just how resilient and capable these brave young warriors can be. Homeless teens are not castaways or worthless, incapable of accomplishing anything with their lives. On the contrary, when faced with giving up or pressing onward, many of these teens, with proper help, go on to achieve great things. 

The turning point, however, comes when a helping hand, like Kyle's Place, reaches out to them and supports them along the way. 

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