Lost In America

Journey to Dream wants you to join the movement!


We embrace, equip and empower teens to overcome adversity and live purposeful lives...

Since 2004, Journey to Dream has positively impacted the lives of more than 100,000 teen-agers in North Texas.

Journey to Dream, a North Texas based non-profit, has been dedicated to supporting teens and allowing them to reach their full potential. Through curriculum‐guided, non‐judgmental support groups, Journey to Dream delivers a safe haven for teens and helps them build the skills to overcome adversity within their lives.

Our organization is open to all teens regardless of background and circumstances. We provide community outreach, support services and homeless programs, including our new emergency youth shelter for unaccompanied teens: Kyle's Place, located in Lewisville, Texas – the only one of its kind in North Texas.



After working with teens for over a decade, we found the one thing they all seem to have in common is the need to be accepted. So many have their world turned upside down by divorce, abuse, death, or addiction. Journey to Dream aims to provide a safe place where teens feel accepted and understood. 


The very word "equip" means to make ready or to furnish what is needed for the job. In our case, the "job" is becoming a self-sufficient, productive, healthy adult. That can mean anything from teaching a teen how to cope with difficult emotions, how to communicate well, write a resume or set goals for the future.


Whether sharing a testimony of hope to inspire others or gaining confidence through positive peer influence; JTD teens are taught to not only make a difference but to be the difference. Teens experience increased self-worth, a safe place for second chances, the support and skills needed to pursue their God-given dreams.


Students create dynamic, peer-to-peer presentations to educate and empower their peers in abstaining from destructive behaviors. Age appropriate performances include relevant music, powerful videos, student dramas, and stories that successfully engage and impact students with a message of hope and overcoming.  


Support groups provide a safe haven for teens to share life, finding acceptance and understanding, while gaining education and life skills necessary to make positive choices. Journey to Dream curriculum provides program facilitators with everything they need and covers topics such as substance abuse, bullying, healthy boundaries, coping skills and more.


The statistic is eye-opening: One in 30 children in the U.S. is homeless, a historic high. North Texas is certainly not immune to the issue. In the 2014-15 school year the TEA reported that Denton County school districts had over 2,000 homeless students, many of those high school students. Journey to Dream’s, Kyle’s Place, is the only youth homeless shelter in Denton County serving unaccompanied youth.

Melanie Carr

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"As a mom of teens, I can't imagine how awful it would be for them to be stranded on their own, no one to help provide for them or guide them through the difficult teenage days. I'm inspired by the options and care you are providing for local teens, and definitely want to be a part of helping them know they are loved, there is hope and help and a good future for them still people who care enough to gather around them for the journey. Thank you for the difference you are making.”


THANK YOU, Melanie, for joining us in making a difference in our teens' lives!