Opening  2017, Journey to Dream’s youth home, Kyle’s Place, will provide shelter and 24 hour care for high school students.  Whether running away or asked to leave, aging out of foster care or unable to stay at family shelters, homeless teens needs a safe environment, food, clothing, medical care, and supportive services just begin regaining stability.  Many unaccompanied youth have experienced life on the street and the trauma that goes along with it.

A caring, compassionate staff will provide a secure environment with the consistency and help needed for teens to overcome the adversity they’ve faced and suffering endured.  Kyle’s Place will work towards a positive well being and self-sufficiency through case management, individual and family counseling and other supportive services. The first and most important goal for every teen that walks through the door at Kyle’s Place is to establish a strong support system and wrap-around services to ensure safety and success for each teen.

Youth at Kyle’s Place will receive: 
•    Basic necessities: shelter, food and clothing
•    Case Management
•    Individual and family counseling
•    Medical and dental care
•    Academic assistance
•    Life skills training
•    Support and therapeutic programs
•    Opportunities for outreach and recreational activities

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Imagine what it would feel like to be alone on the streets without that village. Lock arms with us to be their village, to make an impact that can truly change the trajectory of their lives. We could not do this work without our monthly donors and our selfless volunteers.  

Our Founders Circle


Tina & Kevin Adds
Christy & Jack Averitt
Dr. and Mrs. Tung Cai
Cameron Enterprises, Ltd.
Laure & Kevin Cordell
Angie & Stewart Cox
Jana & Jay Chamberlain
Amy & Jeff Culak
Heather & Robert Davis

Shelly & John Dodge
Kim & Bill Francis
Leslie & Mitch Frank
Peggy Fritz
Lisa & Gregory George
Sherri & James Heerwagen
Kim & Jody Hinkle
Kimberly & John King
Cindy & Tom MacKinnon

Kerry & Jeff Mawby
Lisa & Tim Miller
Constable & Mrs. Jerry Raburn
Demra & Ryan Robbins
Mitzi & Travis Sartain
Ingrid & David Smith
Kim & Hugh Wall
Laura & Trey Wright
Jeff & Shawn Graef