Shelter for Homeless Teens to be a First in Denton County

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By Philip Townsend

LEWISVILLE -- Most teens in Denton County have a place to call home. But for hundreds of others, a life on the streets often leads to fear and depression.

That will change this summer.

"Today is the day we closed on the building," said Kim Hinkle, co-founder of Journey to Dream, a non-profit that aims to help teens affected by destructive behaviors. "So, it's officially ours."

Hinkle will open the doors to a new shelter on Archer Way in northwest Lewisville this summer.

"We see, time and time again, that when they're given a safe place to be and are understood and accepted, they turn things around," Hinkle said.

According to Hinkle, there are more than 400 homeless students in the Denton Independent School District between ages 13 and 18.

"It's very alarming," Hinkle said. "We found that one out of every three is approached by a human trafficker within 48 hours of being on the street."

A shelter specifically for teens is a first of its kind in the county. Hinkle will name the facility Kyle's Place, after Kyle Milliman.

The Hebron High School teen passed tragically in 2012 after a struggle with depression. He worked closely with the Journey to Dream.

"We decided that we wanted to name the center after him, and hope we can emulate the person he was and the love he showed everybody," Hinkle said.

It will provide 24-hour care to homeless teens 13 to 18 who need a safe environment, food, clothing, medical care, and supportive services to begin regaining stability.

Serving every teen will be a challenge, but in its first year, Hinkle hopes Kyle's Place will help at least 100 kids.

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