Peer-to-Peer Prevention Assemblies

Modeled after Straight Way in Houston, Texas, the first Journey to Dream performance team was formed at Hebron High School in 2005.  Over 25 students were trained that year by the original Straight Way team, learning powerful dramas, hip hop dances, and how to effectively share their stories of hope and overcoming with their peers. Since that time, Journey to Dream teams have been successfully creating dynamic, peer-to-peer assemblies that educate and inspire young people to abstain from and overcome destructive behaviors. 

Assemblies are age appropriate and can be tailored to the need of the audience.  Students will hear powerful stories of overcoming substance abuse, teen pregnancy, cutting, bullying and depression, as well as motivation to seek help if needed, to lead in their sphere of influence, to do the right thing – even when it’s hard, and to dream big.  Schools often use Journey to Dream assemblies to meet annual PAWS mandates, while others start Journey to Dream clubs on their campuses in order to further the message of hope and overcoming.

Our success is truly due to the students themselves.  Kids listen to kids.  A teen may, for the first time, feel like they’re not alone in their struggle.  A teen may decide to go to a teacher or counselor for help. Stories of students who decide not to commit suicide after an assembly are tribute to the power, the necessity, of positive peer influence.  Every student that is part of a performance team shares a passion to see their peers overcome. They believe there’s hope for their generation.  We do too. 

I have never seen our students so engaged or so attentive. Your teen team changed lives today.
— Program Coordinator, Plano ISD
It wasn’t the usual assembly. No assistant principal stood lecturing in front of the crowd. There was no talk of tardy policies or dress code violations. But most unusual of all was the silence, the absence of the incessant chatter typical to high school gatherings. People were listening.
— Student, Hebron High School

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