Why do student support groups work?

Teens want to feel accepted.  They want to be heard and understood.  They want to succeed at life and in relationships. 

The purpose of the support groups is to provide a safe place for teens to share personal experiences and feelings, while focusing on building self-esteem and important life skills. Group support has benefited countless individuals through recovery groups, divorce care, grief support, and we believe students can also benefit from the support this program offers.  

The goal of the group and curriculum is to see students achieve:

  • Appropriate attitude toward destructive behaviors
  • Increased assertiveness and self-control
  • Healthy coping, communication and relational skills
  • Increased self-worth and self-esteem
  • Affirmation of positive ideals and vision for the future

Journey to Dream currently offers school and community support groups, as well as support groups for students experiencing homelessness (or at risk of becoming homeless).  Schools interested can partner with Journey to Dream to implement a group on their campus or receive training and the curriculum needed to start a group.

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