We Equip, Empower, and Embrace Teens

to Overcome Adversity and Live Purposeful Lives


The facts about victimized, at-risk, and homeless teens are staggering

... but acknowledging the depth of the problem is the first step in fixing it!

4.2 million youth

experience homelessness

Each year, an estimated 4.2 million youth and young adults experience homelessness, of which 700,000 are unaccompanied minors, meaning they are without a family or not accompanied by a parent or guardian.

On any given night, approximately 41,000 unaccompanied youth ages 13-25 experience homelessness.

Homelessness among youth doesn’t always mean teens living on the streets or in shelters. Homelessness also includes couch surfing with friends or relatives, a temporary answer to what may be a long-term issue. 




Source: NCSL.org

The face of Teen Homelessness

  • More than two-thirds of unsheltered teens, and 55% of sheltered unaccompanied teens, are male.
  • Teen women or girls represent more than one-third (37%) of unaccompanied youth.
  • 52% of homeless teens reported that they became homeless for the first time because they were asked to leave home by a parent or caregiver.
  • 27% of LGBTQ+ youth who are homeless reported exchanging sex for basic needs compared to 9% of non-LGBTQ youth who reported having to exchange sex for basic needs.
  • 62% of LGBTQ+ youth report being physically harmed while experiencing homelessness.


Source: Family Interventions for Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Almost 40%

of the homeless in the U.S. are under 18

At least 1 in 30 adolescents ages 13-17, experience some form of homelessness unaccompanied by a parent or guardian over the course of a year. 

  • 29% of homeless teens report having substance misuse problems.
  • 69% of homeless teens report mental health problems.
  • 33% had once been part of the foster care system.
  • 50% of homeless youth have been in the juvenile justice system, jail, or detention.

The lack of a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) remains the number one factor for elevated risk of teen homelessness.



Source: Family Interventions for Youth Experiencing Homelessness


Designed to change lives once and for all!

Kyle's Place

Kyle’s Place is a Transitional Living Program for homeless teens working toward independence. Residents of Kyle’s Place are provided shelter, and a variety of supportive services, and life skills required to become self-sufficient, independent adults. Residents at Kyle’s Place learn a new way of life, experiencing love and support (many first time) successfully breaking negative cycles, achieving goals, and being hopeful about the future.

School Programs

The Journey to Dream curriculum-based school programs are designed to empower, embrace, and equip students through everyday challenges by providing support services and resources needed to help them become successful in achieving their goals.





It is incredible to see God using these teens to be a catalyst for change. Some came into our programs broken, experimenting with drugs, dealing with depression and self harm - yet each one of them has made such an impact while part of Journey To Dream and continue to give back and change the world around them.





Homeless teens carry heavy things that can’t fit into a backpack. They carry the loneliness of being ignored, the heartache of being abandoned, and the anxiety of having to fend for themselves. Since 2004, Journey to Dream has helped transform, impact, and save the lives of at-risk, victimized, runaway, and homeless teens across North Texas. We offer housing and a full service of supportive programs to teens in need 14-19 years of age – currently reaching, impacting, and interacting with over 15,000 North Texas teens every year.

Our development and supportive services provide opportunities for teens to discover their strengths and talents, set personal goals, make positive choices, and develop the strength and resilience necessary to overcome the challenges that confront them successfully.  

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