Changing Lives and Opening Doors

Teen Testimonies

- Tom, age 15 -

I was in a dark place and did not feel like I fit in anywhere. I found the Journey to Dream group at my high school and quickly realized, I was not alone. If it wasn’t for Journey to Dream, I might not be here today, and I wouldn’t have chosen the right path of life to follow.


- Krystal, age 16 -

I am a student a Flower Mound High School and Journey to Dream presentation changed my life today. When they talked it made me feel like I was listening to a friend. I related to them and it made me change the way I think about my friends and how to open up to my friends. They asked us to stand up if we related to that statement they said, I stood up for every single one of them and I realized how much has happened in just one year. This assembly was one of the best at FMHS and I just wanted to say Thank you so much for changing my life today.


- Kerri, age 16 -

I reluctantly told my parents that I was gay when I was 15 years old, hoping that they would understand. It ended with my dad threatening me, and mom stating that being gay is a choice, so I stayed with friends and other families until I found Journey to Dream.

Not having my parents in my life affected me more than I understood at the time. I missed a lot and it affected my ability to develop positive relationships, grow mentally and emotionally. I’m trying to work through that and let go of the constant feeling of shame and disappointment towards my family. I hate not being what my parents thought I should be, that weighs on my shoulders.

Everyone can get stuck in a loop no matter who they are. My worst fear is that loop – I’ve seen people get stuck in it for their entire lives and it takes a personal decision to break out of that loop. It gets better, but it only gets better if you make it better. Journey to Dream is helping me do that.


- Elise, age 16 -

I was removed from my parents’ custody when I was two. I was adopted and had a relatively normal childhood until age 13 when I was described as a bad teen with a bad attitude and was asked to leave my adoptive home. DFPS placed me in a foster home miles away from my friends and school. I was unhappy and ran away for a few months.

After being on the street, I was placed at Kyle’s Place. The first few days, I was angry and sad, I cried until my boyfriend convinced me that I would be back home someday. I was tired of being angry all the time. I felt the staff at Kyle’s Place cared about me, so I decided to make a change.

Since being here, I graduated from High school, started working full time, started a saving account, and I'm making plans to go to college. I want to finish college, start my own business, and be financially independent. Thanks to Kyle's Place, I'm becoming a better person.


- Sandra, age 18 -

I came to Kyles Place at 18 with just the clothes on her back. I had no identification and no knowledge of where to start getting my life together. My biggest goal was to find a stable living so that I could get my younger sibling out of foster care and with me. 

I got to work on life skills, learned how to handle conflict, and worked on coping skills to deal with some of my traumatic experiences. I remember sleeping under bridges and shared those experiences with the other teens living with me at Kyle's Place. 

I hit many milestones, including celebrating my 19th birthday surrounded by people who I knew loved and supported me.  I re-enrolled in school, received all of my vital records, and got a job! I started giving back to the community by sharing my story and volunteering at the Salvation Army. It was nice to have other teens here looking up to me. Through it all, I've made it!