School Programs


Understanding the Impact on Learning

The Journey to Dream curriculum-based school programs is to empower, embrace, and equip students through everyday challenges by providing support services and resources needed to help them become successful in achieving their goals.

Journey to Dream Foundation's High School Curriculum


Working with teens, we find the one thing they all seem to have in common is the need to be accepted for exactly who they are. So many teens have had their world turned upside down by divorce, abuse, death, or addiction. Journey to Dream strives to provide a safe place where teens feel accepted and understood, without judgment.


The very word “equip” means to make ready or to furnish what is needed to successfully complete a task. Our school program's “task” is to provide a curriculum-based program in working towards becoming a self-sufficient, productive, healthy adults by equipping students with the ability to effectively communicate, embrace diversity and resolve conflict in a healthy manner.


Whether sharing a testimony of hope to inspire others or gaining confidence through positive peer influence; JTD teens are taught to not only make a difference but to be the difference. Through our school campus initiatives, teens experience increased self-worth, a safe place for second chances, the support, and skills needed to pursue their God-given talent and dreams.

Student Events

Journey to Dream’s School Programs aspire students to reach their fullest potential by encouraging students to take action against any obstacles that may be hindering them towards accomplishing their goals. JTD students host monthly social events on their campus which allows them to support, interact, and engage with their peers. During social events, students can gain the confidence they need while participating in activities that are stimulating and targeted to improve their mental health.


Our annual Reset is a one-day workshop that empowers students and enhances social-emotional learning in the setting and achieving positive goals. This event will take place annually in the fall. Students network, establish and foster long term relationships with peers from other campuses, local business professionals, and government officials.

Community leaders and motivational speakers participate in a panel discussion, gaining a rare insight into student's concerns, challenges, as well as offering a potential solution to these concerns. It is through this candid discussion that Community sponsors agree to partner with youth for one-year devising solutions and campus campaigns designed to improve student relations and support on their school campuses.

Support Groups

Student support groups provide a safe environment for students to share life, find acceptance, and understanding while gaining the education and resources needed to make positive life choices. Journey to Dream curriculum consist of interactive activities and topics discussing coping skills, relationships, self-worth, boundaries, and more. Students assist their peers in navigating through life challenges through respect, transparency, and inclusion.