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10 Years Strong

Impacting over 75,000 students since 2004

Journey to Dream exists to see lives transformed by God by equipping and empowering youth to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.
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What We Do

Journey to Dream has been working with at-risk teens in North Texas for ten years, serving over 75,000 students through school assemblies, support and youth development groups, faith-based events and community outreach. MORE 

In the News

With an ever-changing culture and new trends emerging almost weekly, it’s hard for parents and those that work with teens to keep up. Our In the News posts will help you stay up to date with the latest teen trends and youth culture.NEWS


Every young person we work is unique and present to has a unique personality, a unique history, and a unique set of challenges. Our volunteers and staff embrace that and successfully achieve our mission through our programs. We love this age, as there is never a dull moment.VIDEOS
Why Trust Journey to Dream?
“Journey to Dream came to TJ Rusk Middle School in Dallas 2 years ago. In the time they have been at Rusk, I have seen a nucleus of 10-12 students find a safe place to interact with the JTD leaders and experience the opportunity to grow. The result has been a stronger will to resist the pitfalls that accompany a school with our demographic and challenges. These students have managed to improve their grades and minimize behavior issues. The most compelling part of the JTD program is that it has given hope to my students that they can be successful and help them realize that they have enormous value as human beings.”
Dr. Jim Roe, Principal - T.J.Rusk Middle School, DISD
“Journey to Dream is a great asset to our prevention and intervention programming. Our students have the opportunity to participate in a club/experience that promotes positive decision making and moving away from destructive behaviors. Peers supporting peers in making good choices and developing healthy coping skills has made a significant impact.”
Monya Crow M.Ed., CSC, LPC-S - CHOICES, LISD
“I have to say it was a great experience working with JTD. I love how this program allows students to shine and gives them the TLC they need. This was a small group of students on our campus who thrived with JTD because they had a “place to belong”! This was a very positive and life changing program for this group of students on our campus.”
Lisa Yaklin, Counselor - Creekview High School, CFBISD